Rat-Breeders Club (RBC)

Saint-Petersburg Fancy Rat Club is a regional public organization, which was founded in 2001 for the purpose of unification and communication of rat-fanciers and people who are partial to fancy rats.

Here you always can get a free consultation of a specialist about any questions relating to keeping fancy rats at home.

Health of club rats is guarded by the talented veterinarians – our club’s consultants Irina Ozerkova and Elena Naydenova. They have saved a lot of rat lives and constantly help us!

Several times a year our Club together with other fancy rat clubs holds a show “Rodents Holiday” with the expertise, to take part in which we invite pedigree rodents as well as mere pets. What if it is your pet that has a rare color and an excellent exterior and you even don’t suspect it? All participants receive prizes and certificates!

How to diversify your rat's life, how to make your communication with it more full? New but already popular competition Rat Agility allows opening abilities and fulfilling needs of our clever little animals. Agility championships take place at every rodent show. Join us!

Experienced breeders of the Club will help you to choose a healthy rat with an interesting color from available club litters. And if your rat shows a good result at the Rat Show you will be able to take part in the club’s pedigree breeding.

In the Rat Shop you can find comfortable rat hammocks, we sew them specially for rats! You also can purchase a handy container for rats safe transporting, inexpensive cage, noiseless drinking bottles or souvenirs with rats: fridge magnets, calendars, mugs, T-shirts and many others.

We invite you to visit the meetings of rat keepers. You have a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people in a cosy club atmosphere; see the animals of interesting and rare colors; share your own experience with novices in rat keeping or get a good advice. Meetings are held 3 times a week in different city districts.

Virtually everyone can become a member of the Club. For more detailed information refer to the Regulations of SPB OO “KDK”.

The Club is created for you, rat keepers!
And we're always glad to see new people!
Call (812) 468-6465, send E-mails on, come to the meetings!
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Truly yours, Svetlana Pazhiltseva


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